Our Step By Step Process



Carpet Identification:
Before we can begin deep steam cleaning your carpet, we have to identify if your carpet fiber is natural, such as wool or cotton, or if it is synthetic, like nylon or polyester. This is an important step to decide the best cleaning process for your particular carpet or fabric, as well as gives us a chance to inspect the soiling conditions of your flooring or fabric. IICRC qualified technician Deshawn, will accurately measure and inspect all areas and objects to be cleaned to provide an accurate written estimate.

Pre-Conditioning of those stubborn spots:
This next process, Pre-treating is included in the price we charge per room, and any specials we offer. We will precondition your carpet with soap-free Enzyme. This non-toxic enzyme is highly effective on stubborn spots and stains, yet it is calm enough to not cause any harmful reactions to our children or our furry four legged friends.



Heating it up with our Hot Steam Extraction:
We hot steam rinse your carpet which kills any germs and bacteria, then in the same exact stroke, extract the remaining soil and contaminates with powerful suction produced by a Prochem truck-mounted, state-of-the-art, industrial grade carpet cleaning machine. This leaves your carpet spot, stain, soil and residue free. The benefit of hot steam, low water ejection and strong suction at the carpet surface is faster drying time, 2-3 hours tops!



Carpet Protector (optional)
For carpets that experience more of heavy soiling, we recommend applying Scotch guard Superior Carpet Protector. Applying this protective coating to your carpet will make vacuuming more proficient and it helps to defend against permanent staining from spills. Suggested for high traffic areas at an extra cost per room, this product dries rapidly, and leaves no scent. It is non-toxic and secure to use while your pets and children are running around. It’s CFC- and solvent-free. It is a great investment!

Raking of Carpets:
We always rake your carpets at the closing stages of the cleaning. Grooming lifts trampled pile from heavy traffic areas. The carpets will look like new when finished with our finishing grooming touches after cleaning!

Final Walk Through:
This final step is extremely important to us. To insure that we did the most detailed and complete job, we will walk through and examine the areas cleaned to make sure every little section has been removed of the soils, debris, and contaminants. We will make sure all furniture that has been moved during cleaning is positioned back in their proper locations and on shielding pads. We assure you that when we leave, your house, carpet, upholstery, and floors will be as good as it was brand new!

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